Terms And Conditions

Unlike Other Organizations We prefer to keep things clear and easy to understand for customers for which w keep minimal and easy to understand terms and conditions that no one can miss


The client’s consent to commence work constitutes a contractual agreement between the client and Bloom Media. Approval of the work is either an email confirming the quote (with the quote document attached) or a quote document signed by the client.


By authorizing work to commence and making an advance payment, the client agrees to these terms.


All materials provided by you are your property. This material is believed to belong to the Customer and does not violate copyright laws.

Domain Names

Bloom Media will provide domain name advice if required. Domain names registered by Bloom Media on behalf of Customer remain the property of Bloom Media until Customer pays any previously agreed fees associated with the Reserved Domain.

Bloom Media. We undertake to transfer this domain to the Customer or its agent upon request, provided all invoices have been paid.

Registration Fees

All third party fees arising from domain name registration/purchase of third party utilities/services are the responsibility of the Customer and are payable to Bloom Media. Before a formal application for registration is made. It is included in the standard invoice issued after approval to begin work.


Bloom Media. All materials created by TBloom Media for clients, including designs, graphics and source code, are copyrighted by Bloom Media. Once Bloom Media receives final payment Copyright can be transferred to the client after prior agreement. 

Bloom Media

Photos and Graphics

Bloom Media may use stock photos and images in the design and construction of its website. Images and graphics purchased from our stock library are generally not included in the offer and will only be considered if the Customer agrees to an additional cost. General revision and editing of artwork and photographs provided by the client, which is included in the offer, is done by Bloom Media. Bloom Media takes into account the amount or extent of work involved in compiling or revising the Assets. Reserves the right to charge for the time it takes to perform such work at standard company hourly rates.


Responsibility for compliance with Indian accessibility laws rests with you, and not with Bloom Media   

Adherence to accessibility guidelines may incur additional costs, depending on your requirements, and will be billed separately according to your requirements.

Browser Compatibility

Bloom Media We strive to design pages that are viewable in the most popular modern browsers. H. The latest versions of IE8 and Fire Fox released on the date of the project contract cannot be held responsible for pages rendered unacceptably in newer versions of browsers released after the page was designed. IE 7 is an obsolete browser. We must salute you and say goodbye and update your browser or use Firefox, which is a free download and has far better features than IE 6.

Search Engine Submissions

Bloom Media  is not responsible for any ongoing website promotions of clients. If you wish to advertise the Site  is not responsible for any ongoing website promotions of clients. If you wish to advertise the Site, you must enter into a separate agreement. Teclive Technology Private Limited. As this is controlled by search engines, we cannot guarantee the success of search engine advertising efforts.If Client wishes to cancel at any point during the cancellation process, Client will remain responsible for the work performed and will be billed accordingly. If canceled prior to completion, the Customer will be billed to her Bloom Media. Reasonable for the work done up to that point.

Website Maintenance

Bloom Media does not undertake to maintain or update any client website as part of any design assignment. If you want her Bloom Media. Bloom Media maintain or update the website as a separate order. Negotiate maintenance contracts with clients appropriate for the work involved.

Working example

Bloom Media reserves the right to display graphics and other web design elements as examples of work in their respective portfolios.


Bloom Media.The signature should preferably be placed at the bottom of the website (on every page) and should link to www.teclivetech.com. If you need to remove this link, an additional charge of 25% will apply. To place your signature, you should use the following HTML code: